by Kristina T. Klassen, M.S.


What is Study Sense? 

   Study Sense is a friendly little book for 
  • students who struggle
  • students with limited time
  • teachers who want to understand how students learn

Who uses Study Sense?
  • high school students
  • undergraduate students
  • varsity athletes
  • returning students
  • college instructors
  • high school teachers

Why is Study Sense necessary?
  • we often do not learn how to study in high school
  • when we get to college, we are supposed to know
  • we need to make the best use of our time
  • intelligent students often fail for no good reason
  • we need a simple book of basic principles to follow

How is Study Sense unique?
  • it is principles, not techniques 
  • it is not a textbook
  • it always works...
                                        ... because it is based on how we remember.

Contact Information 
         email:               Mailing address:  P.O. Box 652
                                                                                                                Hayden, ID 83835